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Historic Ephraim Co-op Building
Stop at the Co-op for a Free Treat, Campus Tour, and a 獾 (scavenger) Hunt
  • 地点: 96 N Main St Ephraim, Ut, 84627
  • 时间: Starting Thursday, March 14th – April 5 (Excluding Saturdays & Sundays) From 10:00 上午至晚上9:00

All alumni are invited to reconnect with the college, get swag, and get a badger cookie.

For information, call 雪的大学 at 435.283.7000.

Meet the New 校友理事会 President

I am humbled and honored to serve the people of 雪的大学, an institution that served as the bedrock for the countless opportunities that have enriched my life. 雪的大学 was not just a stepping stone; it was the foundation upon which my future 建于. To give back to this institution and community that played such a pivotal role in shaping who I am today is a privilege beyond words. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and contribute to the continued success and growth of 雪的大学. - Melissa Lowry Judy, 校友理事会 President

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捐赠20美元.24 to be recognized at graduation as new members of our alumni community.

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Volunteer to advocate for the College while helping the 校友 Association meet its 任务.

校友 Spotlight


In the ever-exciting world of professional football, one name that has recently made headlines is Tyler 休斯. A distinguished alumnus of 雪的大学, Tyler has been appointed as the Wide Receivers Coach for the esteemed New England Patriots, marking his second stint with the organization.

There are high-character, hard-working people at Snow that truly care about the students and the college. I will always be thankful for my association with the college because of that. Once a 獾, always a 獾
- Tyler 休斯

Tyler's journey began at 雪的大学, where he initially enrolled with aspirations of studying Psychology, eventually transitioning to Business 政府. It was during his time as a studentathlete that Tyler's love for football and dedication to the game earned him the prestigious '獾 Pride' award at the post-season banquet

Reflecting on his college experience, Tyler shared, "Snow was a great place to attend college and to prepare me for my profession, but how it shaped my life as a person was the most beneficial." Not only did 雪的大学 pave the way for his professional growth, but it also played a pivotal role in shaping his personal life. 就在这里 that Tyler met his wife, Lisa, making 雪的大学 not just a stepping stone in his career but a place where life-changing connections were forged.

Tyler's 训练 career has seen remarkable success, with his current role as the Wide Receivers Coach for the New England Patriots marking the pinnacle of his 成就. "It's a great organization, and I am really grateful to be a part ”他说 表达了. This season will be Tyler's 21st in 训练, a testament to his 持久的 passion for the profession

As Tyler 休斯 steps into his role with the New England Patriots, the 雪的大学 community celebrates his 成就 and looks forward to witnessing the continued success of one of their own in the world of professional football 训练.

Tyler 休斯 in a Football Stadium
Tyler 休斯 at 雪的大学
Tyler 休斯 with Trophy